Insulin CGM and Pump Information

Dexcom CGM

Library of videos:

Uploading receiver to Clarity at home:

G6 app set up and getting started:

– also, see attachments (‘CARELINK’ resource: blue adapter (USB) is needed & it’s shipped w/their pump for free


Libre CGM

– How it works? Create account:

– Quick start guide:

– Additional Support/Tools/Videos:


Tandem Pumps

– Connect on their computers:

-T:Connect mobile app : app will automatically upload their data to the t:connect cloud without having to plug in via USB cable. 


Tandem uploading instructions


Omnipod 5

Omnipod 5


Medtronic Pumps

Patients on MiniMed 770g can upload 2 ways

  1. Using the Minimed mobile app and a compatible smartphone it will upload their pump automatically to carelink once they link them
  2. If they don’t have a compatible smartphone, they can manually download their pump at home with the blue adapter

In either case you can then connect to their carelink personal account with their username/password and see data remotely.